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Bismuth Applications


Bismuth is used in low-melting-temperature lead, tin and cobalt-containing alloys used in dental prosthesis, wooden matrix cliches, in automatic fire-extinguishing systems, armor-piercing shell cups and so on.

Bismuth-tellurium compounds consumption for thermoelectric generators is increasing. Stainless steels bismuth doping improves their cutting ability.

Bismuth compounds are used in glassmaking and ceramics.

Most of the obtained bismuth is applied in pharmacy, especially in decontaminating and parch materials. Bismuth nitrate is used as a treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases such as colitis and enteritis, in cure of stomach and dodecadactylon ulcer, powdering and uncture used for burns, dermatitis and superficial pyoderma treatment. Bismuth suspensions in vegetable oils are used for injections in syphilis cure.

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