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Bismuth Iodate, Bi(IO3)3

Normal bismuth iodate, Bi(IO3)3, can be obtained as a white powder, insoluble in water and acetic acid, by treating a solution of bismuth acetate with iodic acid; in the presence of acetic acid the precipitation is quantitative.

When iodic acid and potassium iodate are added to a solution of bismuth nitrate, a white precipitate is produced. A white precipitate is also obtained by precipitating basic bismuth nitrate from a solution of the normal salt and treating the filtrate from this with sodium iodate. The white powder obtained can be dried at 100° C. and is stated to be insoluble in both nitric acid and water. On heating it loses both oxygen and iodine, leaving a residue which is probably bismuth oxyiodide.

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